Hermit Pendants Pra Lersi Ta Fai Kram Makan Batch Arjarn San Khongvet

Amulets Hermit Pendants Pra Lersi Ta Fai Kram Makan Batch

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NAME: Pra Ruesi Ta Fai Perd Jakkawaan Arjarn San Khongvet,
Ang Thong Province

Model Name: Pra Ruesi Ta Fai (พระฤาษีตาไฟ รุ่น กรรมการ)Kram Makan Batch
Condition : Excellent
Material : Brass & Mixed Magic Materials
Approximate Size: 3.0 cm Hight x 4.0 CM Wide
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::::::Features Detail:

::Ability : Victory Protections(especially Fire), Prevent Black Magic and Evil Spirits, Loving Kindness, Triumphantly, Bring Prosper to Business, Wealth, Wished be Fulfilled, Gain Fortune.

::This amulet can used as gift for someone special and yourself. The amulet will bring lucky and auspicious for life. It also prevent from any bad things. Suitable both man and lady too. Because this is a super fine amulet from Thailand that will bring good miracle for human life.


**The amulet is the sacred thing that created and blessed by sacred monk. So, please keep with respect by separate in the appropriate place. Please do not leave the amulet lower than waist.

It is very rare and looks so beautiful.
It will be one of the best in your collection!!!!

Effect is for:
1)Get rid of bad luck
2)Good metta
3)Get rid of evil spirit and forces
4)Strong protection against harm
5)Increase good luck
6)Prevent black magic and inauspicious thing


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