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Kruba Subin Amulets
:::::Biography of Kruba Subin

:::Kruba Subin Sumaythaso was a Buddhist novice of Wat SeePaDoo at Chiang Mai province. He grew up studying about meditation and magic from may Guru Monks of Thailand . He was ordained at the age of 20 at Wat Baan Pol in Chiang Mai province as an expert in concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. Aside from that, Kruba Subin was also a disciple and/or student of Kruba Im-Gaew of Wat PahNgae and LP Noy. Both Guru Monks afore-mentioned are very knowledgeable on the subject of Holy Dharma and Visha. Heardtell among the people in Thailand that Kruba Subin learnt the arcane secrets of making famous amulets for many years until he finally succeeded. And then, Kruba Subin has been studying to make/create spiritual Yahn on human body from Wat Kow-Aw at Phattalung province for 3 years. Today, Kruba Subin is an abbot of Jantarawirot Temple at Chiang Mai province and he is very highly respected in Northern Thailand .



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