Amulet Pra Kring Srivichai Statue by Luang Taankloy

Amulet Pra Kring Srivichai Statue by Luang Taankloy

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Amulet Pra Kring Srivichai Statue by Luang Taankloy
Anomo  Wat Phukhaothong Temple,Paattaloong Pronvine,Southern of Thailand.

Model Name: Pra Kring Srivichai

Condition:Lucky and Good Luck Money,Trader,
Approximate Size: 3.0 CM Wide x 4.0 CM Height.
Material: Nuer Saamrid Choop Saamkasaad,
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::Life protections,Danger obstacles cease,Gain Benefits Working smooth, Bring prosper to business Wished be fulfilled,Wealth,Bring Good luck,
bury of many mystery,
This Ring Hanumaan Amulet Bleased and create by LP Kloy of Wat-Phu-Kao-Thong , for protect the occult , protect a ghost , be invulnerable , insure against dangers. This amulet will be wish for someone who respectfully for protect your business or use bring lucky for owner. Thailand's amulet was knowed on good for Lucky and protect owner from the danger and bad spiritual.Also Bring Business get to attract more customer Or or bring owner have fascinate from the peoples, and make employee more obedience to the boss.
This Amulet will bring you Luck,Good things will unexpectedly happen to you.It also make you success in anything you hope for.This Amulet will bring Prosperity and ensure success in human endeavors.

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