Takrut Nakaraj Takrud Naga,King or Great snake,Luang Phu Kambu

Takrut Nakaraj Takrud Naga,King or Great snake,Luang Phu Kambu


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Name:Thai Amulets Takrut Nakaraj /Nakaraj -Naga, The King or Great snake,Luang Phu Kambu Wat Gut Chompoo,Ubonrajatani Province,Thailand.

Model Name: Takrut Nakaraj Luang Phu Kambu
(Lucky Amulet)
BLESSED BY: Loung Phor Kamboo
Condition: Excellent Lucky,Money,Trader and Gambling
100% Guaranteed your satisfied.
"Come With Original Box"
Approximate Size: 5.5 CM High x 1.5 CM Wide
Material: Bronze & Mixed Magic Material
::Life protections,Danger obstacles cease, Gain Benefits, Working smooth, Bring prosper to business, Wished be fulfilled, Wealth, Bring Good luck,bury of many mystery,
The "Naga" animal appears to have been associated with Buddhism for a long time, going by the statues of Naga in temples. The "Naga" was a servant of Lord Buddha in his last life and there are many pictures and statues of Lord Buddha meditating under the shade of Naga's head, which means the Naga was the Lord Buddha's bodyguard. Thai people believe that the Naga can protect them from danger and it is a mark of greatness, abundance and halo. In addition, is also a symbol of the stairs to the heaven!

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