Thai Amulets Spooky Spells Hhun Phayon Mummy VooDoo Doll Spirit Blk Magic

Thai Amulets Hun Payont Boran - Ancient formula Hoon Phayont  LP.Phoon Tammabalo 2552:

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:::Product Details:::
Thai Buddha Amulets Spooky Spells Hhun Phayon Mummy VooDoo Doll Spirit Blk Magic,Wat PaaBaanSaang Temple,Roi Edd Province,Thailand.
(Thailand Buddhist Holy Place)
Model Name: "Hhun Phayon Mummy VooDoo Doll Spirit Blk Magic
(Lucky Amulet)
Condition:Excellent Lucky,Money,Trader,
100% Guaranteed your satisfied.
Approximate Size: 6.0 CM Hight x 4.0 CM Wide
Material: Mix Magi Materials,
::Life protections,Danger obstacles cease,Gain Benefits Working smooth, Bring prosper to business Wished be fulfilled,Wealth,Bring Good luck,
bury of many mystery,
This Amulets is the having a strength or power to do something ,
there are magical many powers,Buddha's grace for,luck,help trade,
be rich money - gold, save one's wish fulfilled, very the points.

::::Wealth Lucky Amulet/Business Amulet/Trader Amulet/Good Luck Amulet.This Hoon Payon Amulets is powerful that will support the worshipper’s fortune and ascendancy. It will make you run business very well and protect you from black magic, bad power, bad spirits and dangers.
:::Thailand Amulets (Hoon Payon Amulets) by Lp.Poon Wat BaanSaang Temple RoyEd Province,Thailand.
:::Purpose :Protects your assets, house from burglars, intruders, black magic and evil spirits.Warns owners of impending dangers,Trader & Gambling Pendants.
Amulet the best protection among Thai people.Wealth & Prosperity.It also helps to ward away evil spirits,bad elements block off any spiritual attacks,
harm & danger. Buddha Amulet will bring you Luck, Good things will unexpectedly happen to you.It also make you success in anything you hope for.This Amulet will bring Prosperity and ensure success in human endeavors.
***** Thai Buddhist Amulet Power Can Help And Improve More Better Your Life To Do Anything Smoother And Easy . Help The Owner More Get Better Anything That Your Wish And Hope Help And Protection Owner Change Bad Situation To Good.

It is very rare and looks so beautiful.
It will be one of the best in your collection!!!!

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