Thai Love Amulets Ong Kam Nerd Mahasanaeh krooba KhamPeng

Thai Love Amulets Ong Kam Nerd Mahasanaeh Pendants by Lp Kaampheng

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Name: Thai Love Amulets Ong Kam Nerd Mahasanaeh krooba KhamPeng,Kampeangpetch Province
Model Name:
Love Amulets Ong Kaam Nerd Mahasanaeh Charming Pendants
Condition: Excellent Lucky,Money,Charming,Love Attraction,
Ong Kam Nerd (love amulet) will make the owner lucky and wealthy
Approximate Size: Aproximately: 0.7 CM Wide x 0.7 CM Height.
Material: Brass-Nuetong Dewa
-Free Shipping,Free Water Proof Case & Free Amulets Necklace-

This Talisman was made strictly for love attraction and sex appeal. You will success in making your lover love you more or attract the one you are longing for to be yours. Just keep this amulet with yourself or keep it in your bedroom. The magic power of Love attraction will make the one you love fall in love with you. Magician Monk in Prae of Thailand created and blessed this amulet for using as Love attraction Amulets.


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Performance Abillity: The true power is directly for Love attraction.Thai Men who wants to be charm and attractive to women always have this Amulets.The mantra of Ngung will make the one(s) you want unexpectedly fall in love with you.The power is as same as Phra Khun Paen ( Thai Casanova).Mae Per was made by Khmer Mantra.

:::This Amulet will be wish for someone who respectfully for protect your business,Gambling,Trader or use bring lucky for owner.

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