Large Old Karen Hill Tribe Bamboo Elephant Bell

This is Large and Old Karen Hill Tribe Bamboo of Elephant, Buffalo & Ox Bell
(Thailand Up-Country and Hill Tribe)

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Karen Hill Tribe Teak Elephant Bell:

.....Authentic Karen Hill Tribe of Northern Thailand bamboo elephant bell. Formerly used by Karen Hill Tribe mahouts to keep track of elephants. These items are becoming more and more rare as almost all the elephants in Northern Thailand of been moved to elephant conservation centers or tourist entertainment centers. Formerly they had been used by Karen and other hill tribes for tasks such as clearing land, etc. This is not a reproduction, it is an authentic Karen elephant bell that was used by real elephant. To the Karen people, elephants are revered creatures. According to Karen folk lure, hanging such a bell that was used by an elephant on or above one's front door will ensure good luck and prosperity for the family living in that dwelling. (Note the photo of me with a couple of Karen Hill Tribe women). I have included a brief history of the Karen People below.


.....For centuries much of the population of northern Thailand has been composed of ethnic groups commonly known as 'hilltribes'. The largest of these is the Karen group numbering around 400,000 in Thailand.

The two main Karen groups in Thailand are the Sgaw and Pwo Karen. The Karen Hilltribes Trust works with the largest, the Sgaw Karen, who live in the Khun Yuam and Mae La Noi districts of the Mae Hong Son Province.

Their history in northern Thailand can be traced back to the twelfth century. It is thought that Karen originally came from Tibet, through China, and eventually to Thailand.

In Thailand they mostly live in the more remote mountainous areas due west of Chiang Mai. They are subsistence farmers who live at peace with nature and the forests. The Karen settled in what is termed the 'middle level' in the mountains, namely between 800 and 1,800 meters.

They were semi-nomadic people using swidden (slash and burn) farming methods, moving around on a seven year cycle. However, around 1968 the Government insisted that they must stop moving around. They were offered Thai ID and land rights if they could prove longevity. Now they are settled but their lifestyle is still influenced by their culture.


Name: Large and Old Karen Hill Tribe Bamboo of Elephant, Buffalo & Ox Bell
Condition : Very Nice for Collection & Home Decoration,

Approximate Size : 12 W x 12 Inch,Tall.

Material : Bamboo & Hand Maded
Quantity : 1
Shipping : FREE

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