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Thai Takrut Amulets
::::::::::What is takrut ?

:::::The Takrut is well-known Amulet among the Thais for a long time. Thailand People believed that takrut is very powerful and holy. The existence of takrut in Thailand dated back since Ayudhaya period. It has since then lasted all the way till the present era. The way to make a takrut by guru monk or Arjarn is not just simply putting yant in a holy sheet. The process is more than just that. Magic incantation and intended meditation are also part of the essential process without which the takrut is just another ordinary writing without strength.

:::::And The takrut is also another form of Thai amulet. Many people had encountered real miracle from their own experiences. Thai takrut is well-known for great protection that can save and protect life. In fact, takrut has various benefits such as invulnerable, pokkasap (wealth), Metta Mahaniyom (great kindness and charming) as well as protection from black magic devils and accident.