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Lp.hong amulets
::::That's what Lord Buddha said. Luangpu Hong Phromapunyo(88 years old at present)from Wat Petchaburi, Surin Province are one of famous monks in Thailand. His Nangkwak,Gumarn,Trakrut and Amulets are very famous and everyone talk about their power. Many Peoples around Thailand, amulets collectors or even from oversea are visit Wat Lp.Hong.

::Luangpu Hong bless/chant mahaputtapisek at the forest graveyard. Many students and those who believe in Lp.Hong visit the ceremony, even all the spirit are gather for good karma when monks chanted katha for 4 hours. Was a very great ceremony, Luangpu Hong so full of metta kindness and bless/chant some of my amulets and my friends amulets.